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Keeping your online data and personal information secure with Toluna

With the rise in personal information being hacked or stolen, it is more important than ever to keep your data safe.

At Toluna we take this very seriously and treat your data with the utmost care.

However, despite all our efforts, we can’t keep your data safe alone – we need your help! With this thought in mind, we have pulled together the top 5 tips for keeping your data safe.

1) Update your password on a regular basis.

Updating your passwords mean that even in the case that your data is compromised, hackers are less likely to have the most up to date password. Update your Toluna password today

2) Create a strong password.

Surprisingly you aren’t the only one to think of using “password” as a password, 12345678 is also not that hard to guess. Make sure you don’t use your name or birthday as a password either. Use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and if you can, add in special characters to create a strong secure password.

3) Don’t use the same password everywhere!

As tempting as it is to use the same password for everything, it also increases your chances of being hacked, and across multiple accounts too.

4) Check to see if your data has been compromised

Yes, this amazing (and free) service lets you check if your details have been compromised just by entering your email address. Visit https://haveibeenpwned.com today to find out.

5) Don’t send the King of Nigeria’s son any money…

And make sure you don’t open any attachments in his emails either. In fact, don’t open any emails, links or attachments from unknown sources.

Oh, and we almost forgot, that long-lost cousin who just needs your bank account details to wire you a fortune probably doesn’t exist.

Keep your data safe and keep Influencing Your World!

The Toluna Team

Read about the Toluna experience from a member!

David has had so much success earning money online, particularly via Toluna, that he started his own website. Paid Surveys Fanatic is a site decided to help other Australians earn money online with paid surveys. Read what David has to say about earning money with Toluna below.

When I was a student, I was always looking for legitimate ways to earn money online that were fast, easy and could allow me to work from anywhere. I wanted freedom. I was studying online and wanted to exercise the chance to work from anywhere around the world. Something you quickly learn while you’re traveling is that you need A LOT less money in other countries than Australia. I learned that I could live very comfortably in Thailand (1 bedroom apartment near the beach, 2 meals out everywhere and a weekly massage) on around $50 a day.

I initially started making money online with freelancing and doing other small jobs such as data entry for companies that were embracing the chance to offset their costs by hiring workers remotely. Although I had some success with this, the work was often difficult and required too much time and energy for what it was worth.

This is when I started to explore my options, and something that kept appearing was paid surveys. I had heard about others making money with online surveys and I was willing to try, so I gave it a go. I’m so glad I did.

Making money with Toluna has been one of the easiest and most pleasurable ways I’ve found to make money online. Money I earn from paid surveys now supplement my income nicely and mean that I can take extended breaks from work while still earning enough money online to fund my travel and I can easily transfer money straight from PayPal into my bank account.

I now get so many survey offers from Toluna that I’m rarely able to finish them all, and recently I was even offered the chance to take part in a study that earned me $35. Just shows that loyalty to the site pays off!

I’m a huge advocate of doing online surveys for pay, but I’m convinced to get the best offers, you need to give the best content. Here’s a few of my tips to help you succeed with making money with Toluna.

  1. Read questions as thoroughly as possible. It can be tempting to skip through questions as quickly as possible, but inconsistencies will not work in your favour. When I started taking online surveys seriously, I saw a huge improvement in the amount of surveys I was offered to partake in.
  2. Be super honest. It is clear that organisations are relying on the integrity of this data. Big decisions can potentially be made, and you’re being paid for a reason. Embrace this by being as open and honest as possible, even when it’s uncomfortable.
  3. Learn how to read faster. If you can read faster while still fully understanding the question, you’ll be able to get more surveys done in less time.
  4. Get in quick! Ensure you have notifications set so that you don’t miss out on of Toluna’s paid surveys.

Tutorial – What are Gifties and how do they work?

Dear members,

Many of you do not seem to know about our Gifties program and how it works. Here is a short tutorial to help you understand it better.

  • What are Gifties?
  • How do Gifties work?
  • Where can I find the members who have won Gifties?


See you soon,

The Toluna Team

Tutorial – How to access the points and rewards page

Dear members,

Want to know how to know your points balance or find the e-voucher code you recently purchased? Watch this short video tutorial to learn how!

Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or feedback.

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

Tutorial – Tips to help you qualify for more surveys on Toluna

Dear members,

Through multiple studies and surveys we help consumers share what they think about products of big companies and brands. Your feedback has a direct impact on how companies market, distribute or advertise new products and services to consumers like you. Users may not always qualify for our surveys but here are a few tips that might help you receive the surveys that you are most likely to qualify for. We answer the following questions in this short tutorial.

•Where can I find Toluna surveys to give my opinion?
•Why do you ask so many questions in the beginning of a survey?
•Why do I sometimes not qualify?
•How do I raise my chances of qualifying for more surveys?


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback and to share ideas on what you think the next tutorial should be about. We can’t wait to hear from you!

The Toluna Team