So close, yet so far…

Dear Influencers,

On behalf of the people of Ukraine, we’d like to express our gratitude for your continued donations to support those affected by this harrowing conflict. Thanks to your support, we’re getting closer to our target of €30,000 and currently we’ve raised €22,649.59 – of which €11,234.8 was matched by Toluna.

Your commitment to the fundraiser has been unmatched, and we’re so proud to count each one of you as part of our global Toluna community. We do hope, however, that we will manage to reach 30,000 EUR together – an ambitious but achievable goal.

We know with your help, we’ll be able to reach it. Therefore we are extending the date of the fundraiser until the end of May! Go to the Reward Centre now and donate your points for this important fundraising event, if possible. As promised, Toluna will continue to match member donations up to €15,000.

We wouldn’t have gotten this far with you!

Toluna Team

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