Travel the World With Toluna

Hello everyone,

With the pandemic still affecting our day to day lives and extended holidays to faraway places not an option, we want to take you on a virtual trip around the world! Over the next two weeks, you’ll have the chance to earn some bonus points through our Topics and Polls, as well as satisfy your urge to travel and explore new destinations.

To start, there are two new games now available on our Games page.

Breathtaking Places: In this game, search for the hidden Toluna logos in each breathtaking destination. You can only enter each location once, but if you find all hidden logos, you’ll access our Explorer’s Slot Machine where you could win 500 points!

Travel the World Trivia: Test your knowledge of places and culture from around the world. Answer at least 7 out of 9 questions correctly, and you’ll receive a scratch-and-win ticket to reveal whether you’ve won 1,000 points!

Both games are available until 29th July 2020. Enjoy, and good luck!

Influence your world,
Toluna Team

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