Win in the Toluna Grand Prix!

Hello everyone,

It’s time for a new game! Head to our games page and check out the Toluna Grand Prix. All you have to do is get a score of more than 10000 in the game, and complete at least one survey each week. You’ll then be eligible for:

First Place – 30,000 Toluna points
Second Place – 20,000 Toluna points
Third Place – 10,000 Toluna points

There are four rounds, each lasting one week. Each round will have a new set of winners, who are chosen at random from all eligible participants.

Round 1: 8th to 14th August
Round 2: 15th to 21st August
Round 3: 22nd to 28th August
Round 4: 29th August to 4th September


Be sure to get reach the minimum game score and complete at least one survey in each round. We’ve made it pretty easy, so just have fun and try to beat your personal best!

To play, select “Games” from the “Community” drop-down menu.

*Game and contest available only to registered members of the Toluna Australia and New Zealand panels.

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