Play the Toluna Food Slicer!

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are taking the opportunity to encourage more healthy lifestyle choices. To do this, we have a new game and contest from now until 9th November.

First, play the Toluna Food Slicer game at Or simply go to the Community drop-down menu and select “Games”. You can play once a day, so see if you can beat your personal best and land at the top of the leaderboard.


To play, click and drag your mouse across the unhealthy food items to slice through them. You have to be quick, as they move and don’t appear on-screen for long! Make sure you don’t slice any of the healthy fruit and veg items, or you will lose a life and could even cause the game to end.

Unhealthy items to slice are the hamburger, cupcake and hotdog.

Healthy items that should NOT be sliced are the carrot, banana and watermelon.

Next, participate in surveys like you normally do. The more you complete, the better chance you have of winning the big bonus:

Leaderboard position No. of surveys completed Bonus points
1st to 5th 5 or more 10,000
6th to 15th 3 or more 5,000
16th to 30th 2 or more 3,000
31st to 50th 1 or more 1,000

We had some problems with the in-game leaderboard, so we will post leaderboard updates throughout the contest period instead. Stay tuned on Toluna for these updates, to see how you score compared to fellow Influencers!

Contest ends 9th November 2018 and winners will be credited by 16th November.

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