New Features and Improvements

Dear Influencers,

You might have noticed that we’ve been tweaking the site lately. The changes so far have been subtle, but some of you have already noticed them!

In what seems to be a controversial update, we have replaced the Hide button with a Report option. The aim is to make it easier to report inappropriate content you might come across and reduce spam.


When clicking on Report, you will be taken to the Contact form where you’ll find that the field for Type of Issue is automatically filled in. Additionally, it also automatically adds the ID of the content you wish to report ensuring that we get to it easily.

Content should only be reported if it is spam, inappropriate or abusive. Once you have submitted your Abusive Content Ticket, it will be reviewed by our Help-Desk Team who will then take necessary action.


For your peace of mind, we have also reinforced security. From here on, you’ll be asked to type your current password whenever you redeem a reward or update your email or password.


Another recent improvement relates to the new video feature. Have you tried it yet?
Now easier to upload, videos are also more visible now meaning your friends won’t miss them!


Along with video, we have also made a tiny little change to images by increasing their size. You can now upload images of up to 4288×4288 pixels, even though the file size still cannot exceed 1Mb (we’re looking into increasing that too 😉)


Finally, there’s one last change that only some Influencers can see for the moment. We have updated the little logo that you can see on the browser tab to match our new image. Are you among the lucky ones who see it?


As improvements to are ongoing, there are many more to come and we hope you’re as excited as we are! We can’t give away our secrets just yet, but we’ll leave you with great news: The Hide button WILL return!

Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with the Team on our wall or by email and we’ll keep you updated on future changes.

Keep influencing your world,
The Toluna Team

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