Australia Does It Better – final winners & Australia’s Chief Survey Taker

Here are the winners from the last week of the Australia Does It Better contest, who have each won 3000 points.


Overall, Australia placed 16th out of the 30 participating countries, in terms of the biggest increase in Topics created – good work, there was an 88% increase! The top three countries where participants received the top prizes were:

Turkey – 791% increase
Russia – 336% increase
South Africa – 246% increase

Thank you to everyone who participated in this competition!

During March, we also ran a separate contest to find Australia’s Chief Survey Taker. Congratulations to P1114046 for taking this title and winning 20,000 points!

Keep participating in surveys, as there’s another chance to win points in our current Go For Gold contest, which will run for the duration of the Commonwealth Games.

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