Spin the Toluna Aussie Wheel!

For Australia Day this year, we’ve made a fun Aussie-themed wheel of fortune, which you can spin to win 3000, 9000 or 15000 points!

To play, go to: https://au.toluna.com/games

You must be logged in to your account to access this page. There is also a shortcut under the “Community” drop-down menu, with the label “Games”. If you don’t see it in the drop-down, simply copy and paste the URL into your browser.

The game loading time can depend on your internet connection speed, so please be patient if there is no immediate response when clicked.

Please make sure you enter your correct Toluna username and email address when prompted, as we need this information in order to credit the points that you win.

You can only play once a day and points will be credited within 2 business days. Game will end on Australia Day 26th January.

Have fun and good luck!

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