Toluna Video Contest Winners

Hello members,

We were touched by the overwhelming response that we got for our recent video contest, and we’d like to thank everyone who participated. We enjoyed watching each video, and among the hundreds of entries have picked the following 30 winners – congratulations and thanks for the well wishes!

alantha ♣ Sunny Yang ♣ steph193 ♣ aijileen ♣ cherylb1528 ♣ jatnpaky ♣ butterflyjso26 ♣ lisadykstra6720 ♣ deanm261♣ Prashaant ♣ rschwarz101 ♣ cherli15 ♣ karol1557 ♣ Katyaguzman ♣ siryhudragon ♣ sofytas ♣ petra.nys ♣ D33paand ♣ kudeta_katherine ♣ Den75 ♣ Pippo723 ♣ jnefer ♣ Mebimport92 ♣ Deda8 ♣ victory4493 ♣ shielaha2306 ♣ CamilaHepplin ♣ deiaewil ♣ VanderleiaCSS ♣ Dilek

Special thanks and congratulations to deanm261 from Australia!

The prizes have already been sent by email, and we are working on the final compilation video to share with you all.

See you soon,
The Toluna Team

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