FREE gift card when redeeming GiftPax!

Hello Members,

We know you’re working hard to earn Toluna points and appreciate you being such a wonderful and productive member!

We are also working tirelessly to give you the best options possible.

Giftpax promo

Redeem a $20 GiftPax e-gift card between 16th August to 15th September, and you’ll get a $10 BONUS gift card. It gets even better, if you would rather receive the $50 GiftPax e-gift card, you’ll get a $25 BONUS cardThat means your points will be worth triple the usual value!

You will receive the bonus e-gift cards after 15th September 2017 once the promotion has finished.

Hurry, sign in to your account and make the most of out of this offer!

See you soon,
The Toluna Team

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