Content Creators of the Month – July

Hello Members,

We saw some great content on the site in July. Here’s how the Content Creators of the Month are awarded:

♣  When you create good quality content, the Toluna Team will reward you with a rank-up bonus and you’ll receive between 100 to 1000 points.

♣  If you’re among the top 10 members with the most rank-up bonuses during the month, you’ll make our list and monthly announcements.

♣  If you make the list for three months in a row, you’ll receive another 5000 bonus points.

♣  If you make the list for five months in a row, you’ll receive 10000 bonus points.

Here is the list of top 10 content creators from July, in no particular order:


Congratulations! We hope to see you on the list next month!

As we are still transitioning to this new format, for July and August we will continue to highlight new members who have created good quality content. Therefore, please congratulate nova43 for the great content created during July. You will receive 10000 bonus points soon!

Want to know how to make the list? Create lots of good quality content, with images or videos. We award rank-up bonuses to Topics and Polls more than Battles or Thumb-its. Your general participation and activity on the site will also be taken into consideration..

Good luck!

The Toluna Team

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