The Toluna Mystery Quiz – Winner (Week of 13th March)

Hello Members,

Thank you all for participating in the Mystery Quiz so far. The answer that we had in mind for the latest round was: NIKOLA TESLA (exact spelling was not required).

Congrats to matthew.orourke1 for being the first to guess this on the first clue, and winning the 6000 points!*

**Note: we’ve made an addition to the rules starting from 13th March. We will award 100 points to everyone who guesses the correct answer but is not the first to do so. Therefore, the first person to guess correctly will win the 2000-6000 points and everyone else who guesses correctly after that, before the Topic closes, will also get 100 points. Only one guess per comment will be counted as a valid answer and therefore eligible for points. Participants must comment on the Topic that is intended for their country (i.e. marked as “AU” or “NZ” in the title) in order for points to be awarded.**

We’ll start a new round on Monday, so stay tuned on the Toluna site to participate. To learn more about the Toluna Mystery Quiz, click here.

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

*Points will be credited within 7 days of this announcement

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