Starting soon… The Toluna #Challenge to have fun and earn more points

Starting on Tuesday we will be doing something new, the first Toluna #Challenge.

These #Challenges are all about having fun on Toluna while earning some extra bonus points.


◘ Rules: ◘

♣ Starting on Tuesday we will post 2 sponsored polls a week with the hashtag #Challenge in the title.

♣ These sponsored polls can be found here:

♣ All members who answer BOTH questions CORRECTLY will receive an extra 2000 bonus points

♣ Each sponsored poll is already worth 15 points so all participants will automatically receive those points no matter their answer

◘ Here is where it gets tricky: ◘

♣ The sponsored poll will pop up at a random time and disappear quite quickly

♣ Therefore to get the bonus points you will have to be ready and quick


♣ We will be launching two sponsored polls each week.

♣ You have to get the answer to BOTH correctly to win the bonus of 2000 points

♣ We will share the list of winners and the answers to the questions in a topic that same week

Some questions will be about Toluna so you better read up on our FAQs and Site Terms if you want to be able to answer the questions correctly and win the bonus.

Keep an eye out for that hashtag on Tuesday! If you have questions, please ask us here.

Good luck,
The Toluna Team

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