Give back with these Charity Gifties

Dear Members,

We’ve added a number of new Charity Giftie options to the Rewards Centre. These are available for just 50 points each, and the chances of them becoming real are higher than regular Gifties. Here are the details of the Gifties:


Football Donation – You can provide a durable leather football and bring the beautiful game to children in refugee camps and other neglected corners of the world through Unicef.


first aid


Emergency Relief Donation – Through Unicef, every Emergency Relief Pack provides life-saving supplies to children and families in crisis situations.




Measles Vaccine Donation -This life-saving pack of 100 measles vaccines will help prevent the spread of measles worldwide. Unicef will help deliver these immunisations to children in need.




Donate a Duck – Give a duck to a needy family in Bangledesh! They provide eggs, which can be eaten or sold at the market. Provided by Oxfam, these ducks help to end the cycle of poverty.


Your contribution of just 50 points could go a long way in helping those less fortunate around the world. If your Giftie becomes real, the donations will be made in your name to the respective cause. We hope you’ll consider these Giftie options when deciding how to spend your hard-earned points.

See you soon,

The Toluna Team


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