Featured Member – 23rd June to 6th July

Dear Members,

We’re please to announce our next Featured Member. Congratulations to bwilliams1009, who will receive a bonus of 15,000 points! Here’s a sample of some of the content bwilliams1009 has been posting:


Thanks bwilliams1009 for creating such mouth-watering, food related content, and sharing your interests with the community!

Good luck to everyone on being the next Featured Member!

See you soon,
The Toluna Team

How does it work? 
Every day the Toluna Team awards Content Bonus points to members for posting high quality polls, topics, battles and thumb-its. Each fortnight, we will tally those bonuses, and the member with the most Content Bonuses will be awarded an additional 15,000 points for their great contributions to the site, and will be named our Featured Member. Find out more here.

Wondering how you can receive a content bonus? Check out our blog post with tips on how you can create top quality content here.

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