Community Spotlight: What would you evacuate from your home in an emergency?

Dear Members,

Welcome to our latest Community Spotlight feature*. In light of the recent bushfires in NSW, we have chosen koolinkatoomba‘s topic about the things you would pack if you had to evacuate from your home. Please join in on the discussion here.

Here are some of the comments from our community members:

JimS1 – Wallet, important documents, essential medications, pets, water, family photos, laptop/mobile/tablet/computer tower or external hard disk.

gypsynomad – good question Kool… I would leave wearing a woollen jumper, a High Visibility jacket, boots and my Keffiyeh, wrapped around my head, on my back, a backpack, containing important documents, portable backup hard drives, bottled water, a first aid kit and my grandfathers WW 1 fob watch, and would be carrying my camera, hoping to take as many images as I could… however, I would be loathed to leave my guitar, but if needs be, I know she would gladly give her life, for my safety… but if I had a car, then the list would grow substantially and include anything that would fit, bar the kitchen sink…

kazzieleigh –

elhie_edika – my children first 🙂 , i can earn money but i can’t bring back my childrens lives ..

A big thank you goes out to our Featured User, koolinkatoomba, and all of this topic’s contributors. When these types of disasters occur, it is always great to see people and communities rallying together to provide help and support to those who have been hit worst. If you have been affected this bushfire season, our thoughts and well-wishes are with you.

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

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