Community Spotlight: Pirandeau’s musical Gifties competition

Dear Members,

For this week’s Community Spotlight*, we have chosen Pirandeau‘s topic, in which he has created a fun little contest for our community members. This member is kindly offering up 5000 of his points in the form of Gifties to the member(s) who can provide the answer to his question. Here are the details:

“Name the historical figure you think the Stealers Wheel drummer in the video clip (“Stuck in the middle with you”) most resembles. All answers which match mine will go into the draw to be drawn at the end of September.”

And here is the video clip:

Be sure to take part and post your thoughts on the topic. Here are some of the comments from the community:

Mazda626 – John Lennon

akuma.turner – My answer would have to be Jesus Christ because he sure does look like him with that long hair and beard.

jmspillane – I thought he looked like Jesus! But maybe Rasputin if Russian

It’s always great to see our community members creating these types of posts to interact with each other on the site. It’s even nicer to see such generosity when members use their hard-earned points to send Gifties as prizes to fellow members. It really goes to show that we have a great bunch of people who contribute on the site. 

A big thank you goes out to our Featured User, Pirandeau, and all of this topic’s contributors. You have inspired us to create our own fun and interesting contests on the site so that we can reward our members directly. Stay tuned for this!

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

*As a reminder, each week, the Toluna team searches the site for the week’s most popular or intriguing member content, and will share that information with the community, right here on our blog.  The “Featured User” we select will get a special 5,000 point bonus applied to their account for providing us with our weekly spotlight.

To be considered for next week’s community spotlight, post a link to your poll, opinion, thumb it or battle on the Toluna Team topic here.  If selected, we will post a message on your Wall so all of your followers and friends will know that you are a Featured Toluna User.

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