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Welcome to another Community Spotlight feature*. The Toluna community can be a great way for members to get answers and advice about any problem, big or small. As an example, we’ve chosen cutiechicka101‘s topic for this week’s spotlight, in which she seeks advice from fellow Toluna members about how to cook the perfect steak. Feel free to add your tips here.
It’s nice to see that Toluna’s members are always willing and happy to give advice to other members. Here are some of the comments from our community members:

merlin26 – Some say only turn the meat once, others say do it often. I didn’t know that meat cooked all the way through (and a little grey inside) toughens the meat. I cook steak, etc. and put a small cut all the way through. If the meat is still a little red inside (but not bleeding), then that’s cooked enough for me and it’s almost always tender.

Pirandeau – Definitely turn only once. It all comes down to how you like it cooked (Rare, Med Rare, Medium, Med Well, Well Done). What ever you do, never salt the meat while cooking (same for stews) as salt will dehydrate and toughen it. Salt only at the end of cooking. But there is no such thing as a tender Well Done steak. LMAO.

mwmeg – I’ve been told to cook the first side until you see the blood and juices forming on the top of the raw side (the one facing up)… then it’s time to flip it and cook the other side for about 1-2 mins. But i like medium-rare, so you might prefer something a little more cooked.

CILLY0 – Was watching Heston Blumenthal cooking steak the other day on Masterchef and he kept turning the steak over and over again. His reasoning was that you seared one side and prior to burning it turned it over to sear the other side, then turned again so that the heat only ever penetrated to a certain amount each time it was turned. I always only turned it the once and got a good result – so guess it is ‘whatever works for you’ in the end.

As for our contribution, here are our tips, courtesy of Jamie Oliver:

A big thank you goes out to our Featured User, cutiechicka101, and all of this topic’s contributors. Hopefully you’ll all get a chance to try each others’ tips; and if you do, be sure to share your results with your fellow Toluna community members. Happy posting 🙂

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