Community Spotlight: PNG and asylum seekers

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Welcome to this week’s Community Spotlight feature*. Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of topics posted about the Prime Minister’s “PNG Solution” for asylum seekers. This has been a very topical issue lately, both on Toluna and the mainstream media, which is why we have chosen georgel56‘s topic for this week’s spotlight. The topic poses the question of whether the people of PNG should accept and allow the asylum seekers into their country. Feel free to join the discussion here.

t seems the general consensus is that the people of PNG should not have to accept this, however there is also agreement that the boats should not be allowed into Australia. This is indeed a very complex and controversial issue, here are some of the comment from our community members:

tricia_menkens – They should not be forced to, but it would be a generous initiative on their part.

MohammedMohammed – No. But, Tony Abbott’s asylum seeker proposals are just as bad…

babaloo8 – The asylum seekers are Australias problem, not PNGs. Therefore Australia should deal with it, at the source of the problem. PNG has enough to deal with on it’s own doorstep let alone taking on the problem that is constantly landing at Australias doorstep.

Biancaa2 – Yes, cause the countries that these people are from will never change. But im still undecided

Paul 1948 – Its another band aide solution, people of Papua New Guinea come across to Northern Queensland for medical attention, how long do you think it will take the boat people to find this out, and enter Australia this way…..

Thank you to this week’s Featured User, georgel56, and all of this topic’s contributors. We appreciate that our members take the time to voice their opinions when it comes to such important national issues.

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