Community Spotlight: How did you name your child?

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Welcome to our second weekly Community Spotlight feature*. With the news this week of baby Prince George coming into the world, and the previously endless speculation as to what William and Kate would name him, we thought this post from disie67 made a fitting choice for this week’s spotlight. The topic raised the question of how did you go about naming your children? Feel free to join the discussion here.

You could be very prepared and have the name decided upon ahead of time, but these plans could change once you finally see your baby for the first time. Here are some of the comments from our community members:

beachbubsy – and fun topic! Lots of methods! Here is how we chose:
1. No naming after anyone in the family (all these names ruled out).
2. Someone in family used this name for their kid (ruled out).
3. Baby books!
4. Watching end credits on tv to see if any interesting names were there (no dumb celebrity type names and no stupid spellings of names).
5. Remembering random names that you have heard while watching something.
6. Wait and see what baby looks like to see which name on your short list suits the baby!

Madza626 – When we were having our children we had three names picked out so when they arrived into the world we looked at them and chose the relevant name we thought would suit them…..

CILLY0 – I would never ever pick names for our children again (if I were to have any more). Each time the child didn’t resemble the name we had picked and we decided on very different names when we saw them. i.e. the first Timothy Brian became David James and so with the whole four of them

Paul 1948 – I think a similar occurrence happened when my boys were born, we discussed names and my wife spoke and I nodded…. My name became 1st sons middle name…. 2nd son was named after father in law. and my father became middle name, a modern version…. 3rd was to be a girl, my wife would not have any discussion on boys names, when I arrived at the hospital after a son was born once more, my wife like you told me the male version of her 2 names, and I nodded…. 4th son got 3 names, that was decided by throwing names in the ring and picking a good combination, my wife picked 2 and I added the third with a nod…. My first grand son has his fathers name as middle name, and my 2nd grand son has my name as his middle name…. This way our names will live on for a couple of generations….

A big thank you goes out to our Featured User, disie67, and all of this topic’s contributors. Perhaps, like us, it has made you think about your own name and how it came about.

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