New Gifties Feature!

Dear Members,

Thank you to everyone, who has been sending Gifties to all of your friends, on and off of Toluna. We’ve had a great response, and the Gifties program is becoming more popular than ever!

We wanted  send you a brief note and let you know about a new feature available for Gifties, Now, you can check out both the latest, and all of the Gifties winners by visiting your Rewards Center and clicking on the links, as shown below.






Clicking on these links will bring you directly to our Gifties Winner page, as seen below:



A big congratulations goes out once again to all of our Gifties winners worldwide! Feel free to check in with all of our winners to send your congratulations, or to hear about their Gifties experience.

And our course, don’t forget to pick up a few Gifties of your own!  If you haven’t won yet – don’t give up! You never know when you might become lucky.


The Toluna Team

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