Dear Members,

Thanks to those of you who have been sending Gifties to yourself or each other!

We are very pleased that you are enjoying our new rewards option and hope that more of you will be encouraged to send Gifties!

We are excited to announce some more winners who have received their Gifties to their home!

Username Giftie that became Real!
haydenk1 Cinema VRG
prel76 Cinema VRG
sleepymother Jurlique Shower Gel VRG
ohwatarnas Dan Murphy Gift Card VRG
janebeason Flower Bouquet VRG
ajvanommen Chocolate Fondue Set VRG
gothiclolita109 Rose petal lip balm VRG
michelle.searle David Jones Gift Card VRG
fk9 Park VRG
samsearle Body Shop Gift Card VRG
lorzib iTunes VRG
roniah Winnie the Pooh Plush VRG
dashashome Myer Gift Card VRG
aujeff22 Body Shop Gift Card VRG

If you haven’t been lucky enough to win a Giftie yet, keep trying! There are more and more becoming real everyday!

Good luck!

The Toluna Team

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