Update to Gifties Selection

Dear members,

As we continue to develop and expand the offerings in our Giftie rewards program we wanted to let you know of a few changes that are coming your way.

You may have seen that we have begun to offer some very cool additional Gifties at more attractive rates (e.g., a Macbook Air at 30 points).  In addition, we have begun to remove the virtual Gifties that stay virtual, a decision to keep in line with our Gifties mantra – any virtual gift we offer can become real.  As a result you will no longer see those virtual Gifties, but in the coming weeks we will look to continue to expand our selection with great new Gifties that we think you’ll love.

We’ve also got some big news on the way regarding a Gifties Facebook App and we’ll be sure you to keep you full aware of all the goings on here at Gifties HQ.

And finally with Halloween almost upon us, don’t hesitate to check out our 3 new Gifties for an extra scary holiday. These are limited addition and are available for just 10 points, so go ahead and give them a try!

Keep on gifting!

The Gifties and Toluna Teams

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