Points crediting explained

Dear members,


We wanted to post a blog concerning the crediting of points as we have seen an increase in the amount of emails and topics on this subject.  We understand how frustrating this is for you, our members, after you have given us your valuable time and effort.  We make every effort to credit surveys as quickly as possible and work hard with our clients and partners to make this happen.  We are sorry for any delays that may occur and we strive to limit these as much as possible.


Due to the complexities of different surveys and their lifespan (how long a survey stays active) there can be a large swath of wait times until you are awarded your points. Sometimes the delay is very short, within a few hours or days, other times this can take a few weeks or up to a month.  If you happen to take a survey within the first few days of it opening, you could (unfortunately) end up waiting six weeks or more for your points. This is why on all invites you receive we do tell you that points will be awarded within 4 weeks of the closing of a survey.


We don’t want you to become worried that points have been forgotten because they do not appear within a matter of days or weeks.  We will always do our best to provide prompt crediting of points wherever possible.


We hope this helps to understand the crediting of points for Toluna surveys and we thank you for your continued dedication!


See you soon on the site,


The Toluna Team

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