A Word on Toluna Moderation

Dear Members,


Toluna is an online community dedicated to making your voice heard! At the same time, however, Toluna does not tolerate abusive or offensive posts on the website. We will remove any posts that violate Toluna’s terms & conditions or our moderation guide. This can include any kind of abusive, violent and adult content.  Here at Toluna we take moderation very seriously. We would like to apologise for some of the posts you may have witnessed recently, some including pornographic images. We do not tolerate this type of content and it is being removed immediately (or already has been); in addition, members responsible for posting this content are being systematically removed from our website.

If you do come across any posts that you find offensive, please report this immediately to the helpdesk using our contact form.  You can also visit the Toluna Team EN profile page and leave a brief message for us there.


Once again we apologise for these images and hope it does not ever happen again.




The Toluna Team

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