Season’s greetings everyone!

We thought we would post a blog to spread the Christmas cheer, so here is a song to get to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Click here for some Christmas cheer!

Here at Toluna, we find the values of Christmas to be special and have great traditions.

In Australia Christmas is never a white Christmas as it is celebrated in the first month of southern summer when the entire continent is parched by the blazing sun.

Christmas in Australia begin in late November and continue through the first week of January. Nativity plays and people singing carols start the holiday spirit off. On Christmas Eve, families attend ‘Carols by Candlelight’, a carol concert, where people from all across the city gather in huge numbers to sing and listen to joyful carols by the candlelight. It is believed that Christmas Eve celebrations in Australia are incomplete without this tradition.

‘Christmas bush’ and ‘Christmas bellflower’ take up a huge chunk of the festive decoration. But Australia also has other typical European decorations such as wreaths and a Christmas tree. In Australia they use a lot of summer scents & colourful decorations. In Australia they also have Kangaroo’s & Koala bears draped in Santa hats.

Christmas dinner in Australia is much like the Traditional UK Christmas Dinner. But as you all know Australia has a hot Christmas so meats like turkey & chicken can be served cold. With salads or roast vegetables. BBQ’s are also very popular in Australia; seafood is also popular to BBQ in Australia such as lobster or prawns. Other meats such as chicken breasts or steak are also a popular choice. A popular desert in Australia is pavlova this was introduced by Italian Australians.

So will you be spending Christmas in Australia this year or elsewhere – we would love to know!?

The team here at Toluna would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

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