A Word on TolunaTeam Accounts

Dear members,

Recently, there has been some unforeseen confusion regarding TolunaTeam accounts on the Toluna.com community.  In hindsight it does look to have been imprudent to begin these accounts without such an official post.  For that we apologise.  Please consider this our official declaration that in future there will be TolunaTeam accounts for all languages and these we will be rolling out progressively over the next few months.

At the moment TolunaTeam (for US and Canada), TolunaTeamEN (for other English-speaking countries) and TolunaTeamFR (for French-speaking countries) are the accounts already active and communicating with members.  We hope this will help to improve communication in the long run with all Toluna members.  We look forward to your continued commitment and dedication.

Looking forward to seeing you on the site.


The Toluna Team

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