Toluna Moderation Guide

Dear Members,

Toluna is an online community dedicated to making your voice heard!  You already know how to express your opinions through creating polls and opinion topics (for more info see FAQ), now you may have noticed that recently Toluna has stepped up its moderation efforts on the site.  As a result, some of your opinion topics or polls may have been removed.  This is not in any way meant to stop you from expressing your views and opinions; we want to encourage that great interaction between members.

So, why are polls and topics deleted?

There are several reasons why an opinion post or poll could be removed from the site;

They range from the obvious:

* Any violation of Toluna’s terms and conditions with a very strong emphasis on any kind of abusive content, violence, adult content;
* Any form of advertising or self promotion;
* Content created entirely in upper case letters (you can read more about this issue here).

To those which need a bit more explanation:

*  The internet is full of information, but we at Toluna want to know your OPINION.  Give your fellow members the opportunity to express their views.  Please leave jokes, interesting facts, ‘quiz questions’ and social opinions (‘status updates’) for posting on the walls of your contacts and/or friends, we will remove posts on these subjects.
* Repetitive content: if the moderators determine that a poll or topic are a variation on a theme which already exists in abundance on the site it might be deleted.

**In order to avoid this happening to your polls and topics, please run a search or browse the Toluna community before creating a new post or poll!  Many times topics have already been created numerous times!  You will increase the response rate to your posts by creating unique posts. (for info on how to search for posts please click here)

*  If you misspell a word don’t worry!  What we don’t want is so-called ‘text-speak’ and so many spelling and grammar issues that your poll loses its value!  So to help your fellow members out – use your browsers spell check feature.

* Choose your categories wisely!  This will make it easier for all Toluna members to search for content.  Usually our moderators will do their best to modify the category of a topic rather than remove it, but we can’t guarantee it.

* Respect the language of the site you are posting on.  Here at Toluna you are welcome to post on different language sites if you feel the topic is better placed there.  However, be sure your post is in the correct language or it will be removed.

* Don’t abuse the Toluna points system.  It is against our policy to ask members to vote in exchange for votes, offer ratings for feedback, etc.  Please earn points the legitimate way – by enjoying the site!

*  In the event of a clone or abusive member, please contact Toluna using the Report Abuse link located on the right-hand side of most opinion topics/polls and we will deal with the issue as quickly as possible.

Thank you as always and see you soon on the site!

The Toluna Team

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