Results of the Lowy Institute inspire discussions on the site!

The release of the latest report from Sydney’s foreign policy think tank the Lowy Institute has uncovered some interesting findings about what Australians are thinking at the moment and so we think this is the perfect opportunity to share your opinions about the findings and the topics which they cover!

The report, which covers a range of foreign policy issues, suggests that tackling climate change has been replaced by other priorities, do you think measures to tackle climate change have decreased?   The report also demonstrates that there is a big gap between the perceived foreign aid budget and the reality, does Australia need to increase its expenditure in this key area?  Join the discussion here .  ‘Wikileaks’ also feature in the report and bases on the reports findings, in general it seems that Australians think they are a good thing – why not vote in the poll on the site to see what Toluna members think!

Plenty of other topics are also being discussed, from what you do to relax after work to funny things children say and if you can’t find anything you want to add your opinion to, why not create your own opinion topic or poll!

Remember you can also visit Toluna sites for other countries to find out what issues are being talked about by our members around the world!

We looking forward to seeing you on the site soon!

Best Wishes

The Toluna Team

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