Social Rewards Points System explained

Dear members,

Following your questions related to the Social Rewards System (especially level advancement bonus and content popularity bonus), we would like to clarify how the system works.

The concept behind the Social Rewards system is to reward the community for the quality of their content.

So normally, you can earn points for your opinions and polls up to the monthly limit of 15,000 points.

However, if during that particular month you also gain points from advancing social levels – for example from Beginner to Intermediate – this bonus is included within the 15,000 points limit and in that month you won’t be able to earn any more points by creating polls and opinions.

To earn points and popularity, always make sure that your poll or topic is clear, with no grammatical errors and does not contain anything that is against Toluna’s T&C.

We hope to see more of your content soon on the site and more popular members every day!

Best regards,
The Toluna Team

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