The Adelaide Fringe!

Dear Members,

We’ve recently noticed a few really interesting topics on the site and we would love to share them with you so that you can take a look and maybe get inspired to do a similar sort of thing. We found jacquelinehelen’s topic about crocodiles quite thought-provoking and it was good to see a variety of differing opinions.

If you like, you can always add your own videos to your polls and topics, just by clicking on the “add a video” link. We really liked sydneysurfer’s video topic about this year’s Adelaide Fringe; an inspiring festival with an abundance of things to discuss. Balmy summer nights, great food and non-stop entertainment from around the world has created many jobs for citizens and launched the careers of many upcoming artists. What are your thoughts? Just click on the link below to leave your opinion.

Anyone going to the Adelaide Fringe!

We hope to see more of your content soon on the site!

Best regards,

The Toluna Team

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