Update on recent issues

Dear Members,

We want to give you an update on the main issues that some of you may have been experiencing on the site during the last few weeks.

  • Interest Surveys: this week, our technical team has been able to fix the wrong display of your interest surveys. Feel free to complete them!

In addition, our priorities are to fix the following problems:

  • Login: we have been able to fix this issue for the majority of our members. However, we are aware that some of you still can’t access the site and we are working on resolving this.
  • Account data wrongly displayed: this issue has also been identified and partly fixed. Our technical team is paying particular attention to fix this problem.
  • Missing points: some of you see “0” in your account. After checking our database, we can reassure you that no points will be lost. Once the issue is fixed, the number will be displayed correctly.
  • +80 words opinions: as mentioned in a previous blog post, we have de-activated this until related issues are fixed. Once again, no points will be lost.
  • Surveys: some of you wrote to us to say that you were screened out after the question “Are you…”. We are currently investigating this issue.

As you are aware, Toluna and Ciao are in the process of becoming one single website.
All these issues are related to this integration process.
We want to reassure you that all our teams are working hard to fix the issues you are experiencing. We will continue to update you on the Blog.

Thank you for your patience and know that your opinion is more valuable than ever to us.

See you soon on the site.
The Toluna Team

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