Opinions and Polls: a few simple rules to follow

Dear Members,

Please follow these simple rules to ensure your content is not subject to deletion by the Toluna site moderators:

• Polls and opinions, including their titles, should not be written in upper case characters
• Polls and opinions should be correctly categorised. If unsure which category to place your poll or opinion or if there doesn’t seem to be a category that fits then you can put the content in “Other”
• Self promotion, for example, to circumvent the points system, will not be tolerated
• Likewise, advertisements/promotional content and links to e-commerce sites will be deleted.

We would also like to remind you that the following content is not permitted on the website, and in worst cases can lead to the termination of your account:

• Discrimination or hate of a person or group of people due to their origins, belonging or non belonging or orientation to an ethnicity, nation, race or religion
• Threatening of a person or group of people
• Pornographic or pedophilic nature
• Inciting suicide

More information on content moderation can be found in “Article 6” of the Site Terms and in the Tutorials under “Creating Content”.

We hope that you are enjoying the new site!

The Toluna Team

One response to “Opinions and Polls: a few simple rules to follow”

  1. Max Garrod says :

    Finally, an update on the Australian Toluna site, congratulations. Any chance of being able to redeem our points for things relevant to Australians, eg Bunnings or Coles/ Myer Vouchers. Plus any chance of being asked to test some products in Australia, as the Europeans seem to get all the options at the moment. Kindest regards, Max.

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