Exciting new features- follow and message your fellow Toluna members!

We are very happy to announce the addition of two new major features to Toluna, features which will take the Toluna community to a whole new level!

Members of the Toluna community can now:

Follow each other!

We all have our favourite Toluna members- members whose polls, topics and opinions are of greater interest to us. It is now easier than ever to keep up with your fellow members- Follow!

How does it work?

We’ve added a “Follow” button to each member’s public profile page (the button appears under the member’s ranking and social level on the upper right corner of the page). Once you choose to follow a member, they will appear on your profile page; this means you now have quick and easy access to your favourite members- a great new way to keep up with their latest content! So next time you’re browsing content on the site and you come across an interesting poll or topic, make sure to click on the creating member’s username- this will take you to their profile page so you can start following them!

  • You can stop following members at any time- simply click on their username and on their profile page click “Remove”.
  • You can view the complete list of members you are following as well as members who are following you on your profile page.

Message each other!

Toluna members asked- and here it is, the Toluna messaging system!

Want to leave your fellow Toluna members a message? Now you can! On each member’s profile page you’ll find the public messages; type in your message, click “Send” and you’re done! You don’t have to follow a member in order to leave them a message, but please note the following:

  • Messages are public- anything you write will be visible to the entire Toluna community.
  • You can control and edit the messages on your profile page: when you mouse over a message, a red button appears on the upper right corner- click it, and several options will be displayed, which allow you to delete messages or block members from messaging you.
  • Please be mindful of our rules and use the messaging system respectfully- abusive messages will not be tolerated.

See you on the site,

The Toluna Team

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