So close, yet so far…

Dear Influencers,

On behalf of the people of Ukraine, we’d like to express our gratitude for your continued donations to support those affected by this harrowing conflict. Thanks to your support, we’re getting closer to our target of €30,000 and currently we’ve raised €22,649.59 – of which €11,234.8 was matched by Toluna.

Your commitment to the fundraiser has been unmatched, and we’re so proud to count each one of you as part of our global Toluna community. We do hope, however, that we will manage to reach 30,000 EUR together – an ambitious but achievable goal.

We know with your help, we’ll be able to reach it. Therefore we are extending the date of the fundraiser until the end of May! Go to the Reward Centre now and donate your points for this important fundraising event, if possible. As promised, Toluna will continue to match member donations up to €15,000.

We wouldn’t have gotten this far with you!

Toluna Team

Help for Ukraine update

Thanks to you and all of your generous donations, we are at almost 65% of our goal of €30,000. Your help made all the difference!

This fundraiser will be available until 30 April via the Rewards Centre, and remember that Toluna will match every donation you kindly decided to make.

Thank you!
Toluna Team

Toluna Australia Magazine – April 2022

Read the latest issue of the Toluna Magazine here!

We can help Ukraine together!

Over the last few weeks, Toluna Influencers from around the world have been contributing to a fundraiser to help the people of Ukraine who have been affected by the conflict and humanitarian crisis.

So far we have raised €10,974, and you can contribute too – every little bit helps!

In the Rewards Centre you will now find an option where you can donate 1,000 points or more! Toluna will match every donation up to €15,000. Let’s aim to reach the goal of €30,000 together!

How does it work?
If you redeem 1,000 points, Toluna will add another 1000 points to the total tally. We will keep you informed about the progress of the fundraiser, which will last until 30 April. We will announce the final amount of raised funds in early May, after making a transfer to the International Red Cross.

Thank you!
Toluna Team

An end to Content Creators of the Month

After many years of the Content Creators of the Month programme, we are sad to report that it has come to an end.

This year, will undergo a major facelift and back-end changes in order to improve user experience and allow us to fix site bugs and issues more effectively. Included in the changes is a complete reorganisation of community content posts, which is the main reason for Content Creators of the Month to come to an end.

To wrap up this initiative, below are the January Content Creators of the Month.

Here are the members who made the top 10 Content Creators list for three months in a row. You have each won 5,000 points!


And here are the members who made the top 10 Content Creators list for five months in a row. You have each won 10,000 points!


Feel free to continue posting content as usual, but please understand that we will no longer be awarding points for this. Once the new site is available, we will revisit ways to earn points through content posts again. In the meantime, we will continue to conduct contests and games that give all members an opportunity to win points.

We are sorry if the end of content bonuses and Content Creators of the Month is bad news to some of you. However we are excited for the next iteration of and we look forward to revealing more in the near future!

See you soon,
Toluna Team

Redeem faster with 2x the survey points!

Good news! We have made some changes to our points system so that surveys are now worth 2x as much as before. For example, a 10-minute survey used to be worth 2,500 points, but now it’s worth 5,000 points. You may have already noticed this when visiting the Survey Centre in recent days.

No changes have been made to the rewards or redemption thresholds, so you’ll now earn more from surveys and can redeem faster!

What are you waiting for? Take a survey today and redeem in half the time!

Note: Extra points are already included in the amount displayed on each survey invitation. Surveys that require 60 minutes or more to complete, as well as some specialty projects, are excluded. This new points system is only available for members in Australia.

Toluna Australia Magazine – January 2022

Read the latest issue of the Toluna Magazine here!

New Year Quiz

It’s a new year, but how much of 2021 do you remember? Take our quiz to test your knowledge and win points! To play, our games centre or select “Games” from the “Community” menu.

There are three rounds, each with five questions.

Round 1: 10-16 January
Round 2: 17-23 January
Round 3: 24-30 January

In each round, answer all 5 questions in the allotted time and receive 100 points per correct answer. You can only play once per round and cannot enter past rounds.

Participate in all 3 rounds and answer all 15 questions correctly to win an additional 1,000 points.

Participate in all 3 rounds and complete at least 3 surveys by 30th January to enter the draw for a $100 GiftPay eGift.

Good luck!

Content Creators of the Month – December

Hello Members,

We saw some great content on the site in December. Here’s how the Content Creators of the Month are awarded:

♣ When you create good quality content, the Toluna Team will reward you with a content bonus and you’ll receive between 100 to 1,000 points.

♣ If you’re among the top 10 members with the most bonuses during the month, you’ll make our list and monthly announcements.

♣ If you make the list for three months in a row, you’ll receive another 5,000 bonus points.

♣ If you make the list for five months in a row, you’ll receive 10,000 bonus points.

Here is the list of top 10 content creators from December, in no particular order:

Well done! We hope to see you on the list next month!

Here are the content creators who have made the list for three months in a row – you have earned 5,000 bonus points*:


And here are the content creators who have made the list for five months in a row – you have each earned 10,000 bonus points*:


Want to know how to make the list? Create lots of good quality content, with images or videos. We award rank-up bonuses to Topics and Polls more than Battles or Thumb-its, and priority will be given to those that appear in the Popular feed. For further details, please see this post.

Thank you!

Toluna Team

*Bonus points will be credited within 7 days of this announcement

Join us in our Christmas Countdown & win lots of points!

For some holiday fun and cheer, a new game is now available with more chances to win points!

From now until 26th December, join our Christmas Countdown and access a different mini game each day. Click here to play.

That’s not all… you could also win big by completing surveys. Simply complete as many as you can between 15th-26th December, and you could be one of 10 lucky winners to receive 20,000 bonus points!

As it is the holiday season, please allow until 14th January for all points to be credited.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!